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CNN Reporter Hits Back At McCarthy’s Attempt To ‘Both Sides’ GOP House Chaos

CNN’s Mana Raju hit back at now former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy when he tried to blame Democrats for the chaos his fellow Republicans have caused by ousting him and not being able to come together on a replacement. Thankfully this was much better than the mealymouthed crap we’ve seen from the likes of Dancin’ David Gregory or Mrs. Greenspan and useless Kristen Welker.

Raju ran into McCarthy shortly after the Republican conference nominated Jim Jordan (well below the necessary votes to actually get elected Speaker) to replace him.

When Raju pressed McCarthy on whether Republicans are ever going to come together on a consensus candidate and how many votes it might take to get through this, McCarthy tried blaming the Democrats for their disarray, and we actually got some push back from someone in our corporate media for a change:

RAJU: Well, why — I mean, you don’t think there should be another consensus candidate? Is there a consensus candidate at this point?

MCCARTHY: How many people have we gone through? You know? I think — I think we’ll be able to work this out and I feel comfortable that we’ll get there. File comfortable that we’ll get there.

RAJU: I mean, how do you think this reflects on the GOP right now?

MCCARTHY: Oh, it’s terrible. I mean, if you think — if you think from a GOP perspective, eight Republicans led by Gaetz worked with every single Democrat. That’s Swalwell, that’s Schiff, that’s Omar, that’s Tlaib, to bring chaos with the whole concept of being upset because we paid our troops. Our troops got paid today.

Could you imagine being somebody in the armed services in the Middle East on your aircraft carrier right now, questioning whether your family will be able to pay the rent? That’s what they wanted. That’s what — that’s why they wanted to throw me out. But you know what? I’m more than willing to fight for our American public and especially for the troops.

RAJU: What does this do to your swing district Republicans? What does it do to the 18 members from Biden districts?

MCCARTHY: Well, all the Democrats voted to try to bring chaos?

I think —

RAJU: No. I mean, that you guys are — you can’t govern. That you can’t govern. You can’t this week —

MCCARTHY: I don’t know — I don’t know. We passed the parents bill of rights. We passed to secure the border. We passed to make us energy independent. It’s far different to what the Democrats were over there fighting about whether they can stand with Israel.

I mean, you’ve got to —

RAJU: Well, you guys can’t even act on an aid package to Israel because things are at a still.

MCCARTHY: Well, you ask me a question. You have a leader of the Democratic Party in Hakeem Jeffries that still says no comment when it comes to the questions on what Tlaib says. Can you believe that?

If they cannot stand with Israel, they can’t publicly say that it is wrong that they think that Israel is a part-time nation or that us providing money to Israel is wrong. I don’t understand how someone runs on that.

RAJU: But it’s going to be hard for you guys to pass — you can’t pass aid to Israel, sir.

At that point Raju said he lost his mic and tossed things back to Jake Tapper, who chimed in with a shot at Republicans before wrapping up the segment as well.

TAPPER: All right, Manu Raju on Capitol Hill. Keep us posted if the House Republicans are ever able to elect a House speaker. It’s been ten days without one for the first time in the history of the United States of America.

The dysfunction is starting to wear thin with everyone. Nice to finally see someone call BS on them trying to place this in the laps of Democrats. They’re the ones who can’t control their crazies and who could care less if our government functions.


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