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Rage Monster Derrick Van Orden Bursts Out Again

Representative Derrick Van Orden (DVO) had another anger outburst on Wednesday, cursing out intelligence staff in Biden’s administration who were trying to give a briefing on Israel:

Democrats are furious at GOP Rep. Derrick Van Orden for a curse-laden outburst that interrupted a White House briefing on the Israel terrorist attack.

Multiple attendees described Van Orden (R-Wis.) as acting belligerent towards the Biden administration briefers when he asked questions. Several people said Van Orden cursed directly at the briefers, prompting loud boos in the room. One person in the room said Van Orden shouted that the briefers’ presentation was “pathetic.” Another attendee described it as “offensive and inappropriate.”

And it wasn’t just staffers that caught the brunt of DVO’s boorishness, but even other congressmen:

One member, Rep. Dean Phillips (D-Minn.), shouted “shame on you” in response to Van Orden’s verbal affront — prompting Van Orden to drop an f-bomb toward the Minnesota Democrat, who is Jewish.

And just like when DVO drunk-raged at the teenaged Senate pages, a Democrat had to stand up and be the adult and apologize for the dipshit DVO:

Rep. Jason Crow (D-Colo.) followed Van Orden in the briefing, then apologized for his colleague’s conduct, telling the briefers, “I apologize for this guy,” the attendees said.

This the third such incident of DVO losing all self-control and becoming a raging maniac. He went off on a teenage librarian because of a Gay Pride display. And there was in the infamous drunken screaming at Senate pages. And that’s just the ones that we know of. This is not a couple of fluke incidents but a pattern and indicative of some kind of character flaw.

It could be related to the fact that he has been classified as being a 100% service-related disabled veteran.

Then again, it could be that he is just trying to impress a special gal who is just as batshit-crazy as him:

No matter what the cause, the one thing for sure is that DVO is in no way fit to serve in Congress.


October 2023