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Nancy Mace Tells Jake Tapper That Democrats Trust Jim Jordan

Rep. Nancy Mace made such an outlandish claim that CNN’s Jake Tapper’s jaw looked like it was going to hit the floor. Lies aren’t foreign to Mace. In 2021, Mace claimed that Antifa vandalized her home, but that was quickly debunked on the Internet. It wasn’t hard. The spray-painted words were in her handwriting. Oh, and then there’s the time she has feigned support for pro-choice policies but then voted directly the opposite. And she was lying again on Wednesday while talking to Tapper about the battle for the Speakership.

“Tom Cole or Tom Emmer, who are some of the other possible individuals who you think maybe could get to 217?” Tapper asked.

“Well, I think Jim Jordan is not out of the mix,” Mace insisted. “I’ve talked to a lot of people who still support him.”

“I’ve actually talked to Democrats who trust him at his word,” she said before bursting into flames. “I don’t think that’s out of the realm of possibility.”

“Jim Jordan?” the CNN host asked.

“Yes,” her lying ass said. “I’ve talked to Democrats over the last week on who do they trust, even though they wouldn’t agree with him on many issues.”

“The Jim Jordan from Ohio?” Tapper asked.

“Oh, yes, the Jim Jordan from Ohio,” Mace said. “I’ve talked to people…”

“Democrats in Congress?” Tapper asked in disbelief.

“Yes,” she said. “They can work with him and know that I’ve talked to him.”

“You’ve talked to a Democrat from Congress that trusts Jim Jordan?” Tapper asked.

“I’m not going to name people off the record,” Mace said as her pants caught fire. They trust him more than they trust the former speaker. In my private conversations with Democrats, I will say that.”

That lying cow. There isn’t a Democrat that can stomach being in Jordan’s company, thankyouverymuch.


October 2023