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QAaron Rodgers Is Starving For Attention

It’s been known for years that QAaron Rodgers, former quarterback for the Green Bay Packers and current bench warmer for the New York JETS, is an antivaxxer. He even exposed the entire Packers team and staff to the virus, just because he did “his own research.”

Lately, Rodgers has been really focusing on Kansas City Chief’s tight end, Travis Kelce. Rodgers has been calling Kelce “Mr. Pfizer” because he appeared in a commercial for getting the COVID vaccination. Rodgers is trying to make light of it, like it’s just a couple of guys doing some friendly trash talking, but Rodgers has an underlying tone that makes him sound like a bitter little man.

Rodgers, while doing his weekly appearance on the Pat McAfee show, had the brilliant notion to challenge Kelce to a debate about the COVID vaccine. Rodgers went one step further as to say they should have partners in the debate. Rodgers said that he would take Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., another antivaxxer, and said that Kelce could partner with Dr. Anthony Fauci.

For his part, Kelce took Rodgers’ antics in good nature and unapologetically stood by his decision to get the vaccine. But Kelce also couldn’t resist giving a jab back at Rodgers, who plays (when he actually does play) for a team owned by the Johnson & Johnson company:

Unsurprisingly, Rodgers’ inner QAaron raised its ugly head and got nasty:

“Listen, the Johnsons have been great to me,” said Rodgers, who supports others who haven’t gotten vaccinated against COVID-19. “I don’t mind if you call me Mr. Johnson and Johnson. I don’t play for the Johnson and Johnson cooperation. I play for the New York Jets. I made a tiny little joke for a guy shilling for a potentially corrupt company, and everybody kind of loses their minds a little bit.”

Uh huh, QAaron, sure. Whatever you say.

I don’t know what triggered all this. Maybe it was that he got jealous of all the attention Kelce’s reported girlfriend, Taylor Swift, got last week when Kansas City played the JETS. But it is kind of sad to see a passably good quarterback squandering the end of his career on such idiocy.


October 2023