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Alexandra Hudson: How civility can save America—and the world

Beyond obvious political polarization and the rancor that generates, Alexandra Hudson says that contemporary America—and the world—is “otherizing” people in a way that makes us all worse off by threatening our ability to peacefully coexist. In her new book The Soul of Civility: Timeless Principles To Heal Society and Ourselves, Hudson draws on the writings of figures from antiquity through Henry David Thoreau and Martin Luther King Jr. to show how to reawaken classical liberal virtues of mutual respect and tolerance in a world seemingly hell-bent on putting politics at the center of human meaning.

We talked about the difference between civility and manners, the need for and limits of civil disobedience, Hamas terrorism and the rules of war, and whether the decline of religion, family, and traditional forms of community spell the end of self-governance. Hudson publishes a Substack called Civic Renaissance, “a newsletter and community dedicated to ennobling our public discourse with the wisdom of the past.”

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October 2023