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Republican congresswoman gets a reality check while defending Jim Jordan

On Sunday, Rep. Nancy Mace appeared on “Face The Nation.” Mace’s job was to defend her decision to vote to vacate Kevin McCarthy from the position of speaker of the House, aligning herself with Rep. Matt Gaetz—a person she had proclaimed was a “D-Lister” just months earlier. Mace was also facing the nation in order to promote Rep. Jim Jordan’s play to become the next speaker, saying she would vote for him. Host Margaret Brennan had the shooting-fish-in-a-barrel job of pointing out how much of a raging hypocrite the “moderate” Republican Mace’s general decision-making has revealed her to be. Mace stumbled through her talking points.

Brennan asked Mace about her newfound allegiance to Jordan, a man who voted against certifying the 2020 presidential election results. When Mace was asked about her support of a man who was recently called out by former Republican leader Liz Cheney for his suspected guilt in a conspiracy to overthrow our government, Mace responded that “there’s going to be all sorts of issues that we agree on and disagree on.” Finally, Brennan asked Mace to square her personal story of being a rape survivor and her support for Jim Jordan in the face of numerous allegations that he remained silent and complicit in the sexual abuse of multiple young men while he was a wrestling coach at Ohio State University. The exchange went like this:

Rep. Nancy Mace: I, yeah. I’m not, ah, familiar or aware with that. He’s not indicted on anything that I’m aware of, and so I don’t … I don’t know anything. I can’t speak to that. But I will say that I have–

Margaret Brennan: It’s the Ohio State University allegations.

Rep. Mace: Yeah, I don’t, I don’t know anything, and I don’t know anything about it.

Mace went on to say that she, Nancy Mace, is a “strong advocate for rape victims.”

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The problem with “moderate” Republicans like Mace is that when the rubber meets the road, they have no moral compass. They want power and the financial security that comes with that. Jordan is a well-documented liar, and while he has not been “indicted,” as Mace stumbled through saying, his word versus many other people’s word holds very little integrity.

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