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Paxton To File Criminal Complaints As Revenge Against TX Impeachment Managers

Here’s the kind of crap we get to look forward to if heaven forbid Trump makes his way back into the White House. We all knew this kind of thing was coming after Texas’ GOP supermajority let slimeball Paxton get away with obvious corruption. Now he’s seeking revenge against the state reps who impeached him: Ken Paxton to file criminal complaints against Texas House impeachment managers:

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said Monday he plans to file criminal complaints against the group of state representatives who led the impeachment against him for releasing his personal information.

“The impeachment managers clearly have a desire to threaten me with harm when they released this information last week,” he said in a statement. “I’m imploring their local prosecutors in each individual district to investigate the criminal offenses that have been committed.”

The 12 House representatives being targeted by Paxton led the impeachment trial in the Senate after the House overwhelmingly voted to impeach Paxton in May. Last month the Senate acquitted Paxton of 16 articles of impeachment that alleged corruption and bribery.

In a statement Monday, Paxton accused the House impeachment managers of violating a new state law with an Oct. 2 release of documents related to the case. The new legislation cited by Paxton prohibits posting an individual’s personal information such as a home address or telephone number with the intent to cause harm to that individual or their family.

Paxton said he plans to file the criminal complaints in each of the counties represented by the dozen impeachment managers.

As House lawyer Rusty Hardin, who prosecuted Paxton told reporters, this is all public information. He also said his firm will “consider countering with a criminal complaint against Paxton for making a false report to police,” and called Paxton’s actions “bullying” and a “misuse of the criminal justice system.”

Republicans apparently don’t know the meaning of overreach. Hopefully the criminal justice system will eventually catch up to Paxton since corrupt Republicans continue to protect their own and are incapable of policing themselves.


October 2023