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America Tells Kevin McCarthy To Go Away

As Kevin McCarthy plots a comeback to be House Speaker, a recent poll found that 60% of Americans supported his removal, and 75% said he was ineffective.

Several numbers in the CBS News poll should make it clear that a substantial majority of Americans have had enough of Kevin McCarthy.

By a 60%-40% margin, respondents approved of removing Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House. Among those who approved of removing McCarthy, 75% felt that McCarthy was ineffective as speaker, 39% thought that he paid too much attention to MAGA, and 30% supported his removal because he worked with Democrats.

The numbers that should worry House Republicans came when people were asked what they want in a new Speaker of the House. Seventy-five percent of respondents want a speaker who will work with Democrats. Fifty-one percent want a speaker who will stand up to MAGA, and just 42% want a speaker who will try to impeach President Biden.

By the way, 30%-42% is usually the range of Republican baseline support in polls, so the 42% number is right in line with a poll that found strong Republican support for Biden’s impeachment.

The CBS News poll indicates that Kevin McCarthy did everything wrong as speaker. Americans are sick of MAGA and don’t want a speaker that will cater to Trump and his supporters.

What the American people seem to want is a speaker who will work with Democrats to get things done, go tell MAGA to kick sand, and back off of Biden’s impeachment, which is the opposite of where House Republicans are going.

The poll shows why Democrats are poised to take back the House next year and that Kevin McCarthy needs to forget about a comeback and go away.


October 2023