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John Oliver Dives Deep Into The Insane Franklin, TN Mayoralty Race

We’ve done a number of posts on this unbelievable candidate for mayor, Alderman Gabrielle Hanson (here and here). Well, last night John Oliver collected many of those stories and put them into one long segment, saying her outrageous behavior was emblematic of today’s Republican Party.

Oliver also called out local reporter Phil Williams for his yeoman’s work in exposing many of these crazy stories around Hanson.

Source: Raw Story

Local Channel 5 reporter Phil Williams got the bodycam footage of Hanson’s conversation with the officer. She was lying. He then took a moment to give props to Williams saying, “If you’re a politician in Tennessee, Phil Williams has his foot on your goddamn neck.”

Williams also exposed Hanson as palling around with those who purport to be an “actual literal Nazi” and representing a company trying to sell its convenience store that boasts of a white supremacist fight club on the second floor.

How does all of this add up to Jim Jordan and Steve Scalise? Oliver explained, “In a world that makes sense this woman would obviously have withdrawn from this mayoral race in shame but she still has supporters! There are lawn signs up for her in Franklin! There is a real chance she could still win this election because while her numerous scandals are almost cartoonish … her behavior is entirely emblematic of Republican politics from the local level all the way up to the top. If we learned anything this week it’s that far-right Republicans hold a vice-like grip over the entire party and it seems like our best bet in exposing them going forward might be if we can somehow get more reporters to take a page from Nashville’s noseiest b-tch.”

Yes, kudos to Phil Williams, well deserved.


October 2023