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Franklin Graham Blames Israel For Not Forcing Citizens To Have Assault Weapons

Rev. Franklin Graham suggested Israel was to blame for recent terror attacks because the country does not require citizens to own assault-style rifles.

During an interview on Newsmax, host Greta Van Susteren asked Graham to respond to terrorist attacks in Israel that left hundreds dead.

“First, the Bible instructs us in Psalms 122 to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. And I certainly am praying for the people, the Israelis,” Graham said. “I’m not praying for their enemies. I pray that God will give them victory over their enemies.”

He warned that the same type of attack could happen in the United States.

“And so in this country, we have a right to protect ourselves [because of the Second Amendment],” Graham observed. “So you have a right to have a gun and protect yourself. In Israel, it’s difficult to get a gun permit.”

“But as far as having an assault rifle in your home or a shotgun or a hunting rifle, these things are very difficult,” he continued. “And you would think that Israel would require anyone living close to the border of Gaza to have weapons in their home and maybe even be forced to carry those weapons. And I just, for the life of me, I can’t understand what happened.”

The reverend said he also wanted to “put blame on the Biden administration and the Democratic Party” because of the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“Only God can fix this and straighten it out,” he insisted. “Our politicians are off-the-charts crazy, and I don’t understand it. But what you’re seeing in Israel could happen here one day, I’m afraid.”


October 2023