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Bad Day For DeSantis, Loses Lawsuit Over Hidden Covid Info

Florida Gov. Ron Wonder McBoots handled the COVID-19 crisis in his state by cloaking it with concealment and secrecy. But that’s about to change. DeSantis, who is going through a failed presidential run for the GOP nomination, has troubles at home in his state. If he can remember which state he allegedly resides in.

Two years ago, the state health department was sued for not releasing COVID-19 data to its dashboard during a global pandemic. Still, that case is finally over, and the state will resume releasing daily information.

WESH 2 reports:

Later this month, the FDOH will once again post daily COVID-19 information.

WESH 2 News obtained the settlement, outlined in court documents from the 2nd Circuit in Leon County.

Since the lawsuit was filed two years ago, Gov. Ron DeSantis and [Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph] Ladapo have been criticized by the medical community for their recommendations on COVID-19 safety precautions, most recently recommending only seniors 65 and older get boosters.

The settlement is widely viewed by First Amendment groups as a major victory when it comes to seeking and obtaining public records under Florida’s Sunshine laws.

One of the plaintiffs, Michael Barfield, Director of Public Access for the Florida Center for Government Accountability, said, “They were hiding this information from the public.”

Under the settlement agreement, COVID-19 data must be released “for at least the next 36 months.”

Instead of reporting numbers every two weeks, as the health department does now, beginning Oct. 28, “daily COVID-19 data” must include “daily vaccination and case counts.”

Also, weekly death reports must be released “by county, age, gender and race,” according to the settlement agreement.

The state must also pay the plaintiffs’ legal fees of $152,500 in addition to covering their own expenses of roughly the same amount.

“So taxpayers are out $300,000 and didn’t get the information that they were and are constitutionally entitled to,” Barfield said.

You have to wonder why Meatball would hold this direly important information from his constituents. After all, DeSantis praised Dr. Anythony Fauci when the pandemic hit. It’s almost as if pandering to Trump’s fire-breathing, lint-licking base is more important to him for his political aspirations than keeping his constituents alive.


October 2023