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Fetterman Turns Tables on MTG’s Senate Dress Code Outrage

Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) on Monday mocked Georgia Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene’s disgust at the Senate doing away with a dress code requiring that members wear business attire while on the floor.

“The Senate no longer enforcing a dress code for Senators to appease Fetterman is disgraceful,” Greene had written on X, the site formerly known as Twitter. “Dress code is one of society’s standards that set etiquette and respect for our institutions. Stop lowering the bar!”

After catching wind of her displeasure, Fetterman referenced how she showed explicit images of Hunter Biden to a congressional committee hearing earlier this summer—a move that Greene herself admitted made her feel “uncomfortable.”

“Thankfully, the nation’s lower chamber lives by a higher code of conduct: displaying ding-a-ling pics in public hearings,” the Pennsylvania senator shot back Monday morning.

Later that night on MSNBC, Fetterman continued to needle Greene on the topic. Her platform, he claimed, is “more and more ding-a-ling” in the form of pictures shown in Congress. “I’m not really sure why she cares how I dress,” he told Chris Hayes.

Greene wasn’t the only one to cop a snarky reply from Fettermen, with 2024 Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis, who had likewise taken issue with the Senate for “dumbing down” its dress code, also in his sights. “I dress like he campaigns,” Fetterman wrote in a post Monday in response to the Florida governor’s comments.

DeSantis let go one-third of his paid campaign staff in July, and last month tapped a new manager amid his struggle to contend with frontrunner Donald Trump. Despite reaching a high of just under 40 percent support among GOP primary voters in February, only about 15 percent of the same group currently backs him, according to FiveThirtyEight.


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