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Avengers – Unionize!

The Avengers from Marvel Studios have assembled. Well, actually, the people behind the Avengers have assembled. And I don’t mean SHIELD agents.

The visual effects workers at Marvel Studios – the people who make Ironman fly, Thor to summon lightning and make Hulk smash – have voted unanimously to unionize and join IATSE:

Hollywood, already gripped by two strikes, has some new union members.

Marvel Studios’ visual effects workers unanimously voted in favor of unionizing with the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, IATSE announced Wednesday. This marks the first time a unit of solely VFX workers have unionized with the group.

VFX artists have faced increased workloads and tight deadlines to complete some of the industry’s biggest budget franchise films in recent years, leading to tension between these workers and studios.

In particular, Disney+, which owns Marvel Studios, required immense special effects work in the last three years to complete a massive slate of superhero films for the big screen and television shows for its streaming service Disney+. The Marvel Studios VFX crew has more than 50 workers, according to IATSE.

Not only have these VFX workers been hit with unreasonable demands for too little pay, but they are especially vulnerable to the increasing use of AI, such as was the case with Marvel’s Secret Invasion.

These men and women have provided endless hours of entertainment to us, and they deserve all due respect to to be compensated properly for their work.

But the silly nerd inside me still thinks it would be hilarious to see the Hulk come in as the negotiator for the union.


September 2023