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GOP Youth Conference Adds Lauren Boebert As Speaker

One day after GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert was tossed out of a performance of Beetlejuice at the Buell Theatre, a Republican youth conference decided it was a good idea to add her to their list of speakers.

As The Meidas Touch Network reported, this group was “founded by failed Republican House candidate Christian Collins,” and described Boebert as “a devout Christian who seeks to honor God in all that she does.”

Here’s more from them on the group:

The Texas Youth Summit was founded by failed Republican House candidate Christian Collins. Collins says his group is “empowering youth to win the Culture War.”

The mission of the group says it is “training youth to promote …Judeo-Christian principles.” The group’s “legacy” statement says they will “win back the hearts and minds” of the nation’s youth.Apparently Collins believes adding scandal-ridden Boebert to the lineup will help youth accomplish MAGA Republican goals. The Denver theater who kicked out Boebert has higher standards than MAGA Republicans.

I’m wondering if they made this announcement before they were aware of the groping video. Maybe if they get a chance to watch her in action they’ll rethink their decision, but I won’t hold my breath. Complete lack of shame or caring whether anyone knows you’re a lying hypocrite does seem to be a feature and not a bug with most Republicans these days.

And frankly, the rest of that lineup is just as frightening to me as Boebert.

Anyone that send their children to this monstrosity deserves to be reported for child abuse.


September 2023