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Alex Jones Spent $93K In July. He Hasn’t Paid The Sandy Hook Families

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones owes $1.5 billion the Sandy Hook parents won last year in lawsuits for repeatedly calling the mass shooting a hoax. Jones spent years accusing the family members of the shooting victims of being actors in a hoax and suggested that their children were still alive.

The problem is that Jones has not paid the money he owes, but he’s spending money hand over fist. Jones, worth $14 million, spent $93,000 in July alone.

Via the Associated Press:

The conspiracy theorist and his lawyers file monthly financial reports in his personal bankruptcy case, and the latest one has struck a nerve with the families of victims of Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. They’re still seeking the $1.5 billion they won last year in lawsuits against Jones and his media company for repeatedly calling the 2012 massacre a hoax on his shows.

“It is disturbing that Alex Jones continues to spend money on excessive household expenditures and his extravagant lifestyle when that money rightfully belongs to the families he spent years tormenting,” said Christopher Mattei, a Connecticut lawyer for the families. “The families are increasingly concerned and will continue to contest these matters in court.”

In an Aug. 29 court filing, lawyers for the families said that if Jones doesn’t reduce his personal expenses to a “reasonable” level, they will ask the bankruptcy judge to bar him from “further waste of estate assets,” appoint a trustee to oversee his spending or dismiss the bankruptcy case.

On his Infowars show Tuesday, Jones said he’s not doing anything wrong.

“If anything, I like to go to nice restaurants. That is my deal. I like to go on a couple of nice vacations a year, but I think I pretty much have earned that in this fight,” he said, urging his audience to donate money for his legal expenses.

Dinner out does not cost $93,000. Jones spent a whopping $7,900 on housekeeping in July and splurged on more than $6,300 for meals and entertainment, not including groceries, which totaled nearly $3,400 — or roughly $850 per week, according to the AP.

Housekeeping does not cost $7,900 per month. And that grocery bill looks suspicious to me. He doesn’t sound bankrupt.

Family members and relatives of the victims were harassed and threatened by Jones’ fans, who sent threats and went as far as to confront the grieving families in person, accusing them of being “crisis actors” whose children never existed.

Is it any surprise that this dirtbag isn’t paying what he owes to the grieving families?


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