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What Road are we on??

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In 2006 a comedy came out that they decided to entitle “Idiocracy” and it takes about 5 seconds of watching it to realize why they picked that title. The “hero” is Luke Wilson playing a sub-par…way sub-par member of the military. His job, which he choices to keep is in a basement where he basically watches TV. This may or may not be in the Pentagon, but it is his choice as he takes his superiors command to “lead, leave or get out of the way” by getting out of the way as much as he can.

His superior comes to him one day and tells him that he has another job waiting. What is he being asked to do? Well, just lay down and become part of a habitation experiment to see if they have prefected the process to the point where they can store people for at least a year, with an ultimate goal of storing them for however long it takes to need the “best men” for war.

Along with him, Maya Rudoph plays the part of a prostitute that has been given one year of probation in order to be part of this same experiment so they are both placed in tomb like boxes and “frozen”. The problem is that instead of a year in the future, the experiment goes awry, actually ends up lasting 500 years and they both awake in 2505.

There, we meet Terry Crews who plays the President. His method of governance is to shoot the middle figure at his audience and come on stage swagging like a WWE wrestler. Also, the main character ends up riding a trash surf into the home of Frito played by Dax Shephard. His major pre-occupation is that he likes sex and money. It is an easy tool to get him to do just about anything including serving as the main characters lawyer and sort of “second”.

The Luke Wilson character takes a “intelligence test” that asks questions like “if you have one box with 2 apples in it, and one box with 5 apples in it how many boxes do you have.” The result of this really “hard” test is that he is declared the smartest man in the United States, and is asked and expected to solve all the nations problems.

So what are the nations problems. Well, the economy is bad and none of the food plants are growing. With research, like actually going to the fields, it is determined that they are putting a health drink similar to Gatoraid on the crops. The only reference anybody has for water is that it is in the toilet and they are horrified by the very idea of either drinking or putting on crops.

Anyway, this sub-par intellect from the early 2000s ends up saving their bacon…and then has to continue to try and so because other wise, it is likely humanity is going to die of stupidity, or at least from the side-affects at least.

Of course, he is forced to corrupt his already less than cultured way of talking to fit in and achieve the goal of keeping them alive.

I was going to post a trailor but for some reason that doesn’t work here now for me so instead just check youtube or find it full lengh on medium.

This movie is the one I think about often these days. It is just about the best and funniest without being horrifingly close to absolute reality for our politic system right now….with the republicans.


September 2023