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Adam Schiff Says Trump’s Interviews Are Music To Jack Smith And Fani Willis’s Ears

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said that Trump’s media interviews are music to the ears of prosecutors like Jack Smith and Fani Willis who are gathering evidence against him.

Schiff told CNN’s Jim Acosta when asked if Trump was taking full ownership of the 2020 plot to overturn the election, “It sounds like he is, I think this is probably, uh, you know, music to the ears of the special prosecutor watching these interviews compiling further evidence to present against the president. It’s probably also good news for the prosecutors in Georgia here he is taking responsibility saying it was his decision essentially that he was ignoring the lawyers who were saying the respected lawyers who were saying things that he didn’t want to hear and going with the crazies because it affirmed what he wanted to believe.”

Video of Schiff:

Trump continues to ignore the right to remain silent at his own peril. The former president should have learned when both DA Willis and Special Counsel Smith used his social media posts and interview quotes in court filings. However, Donald Trump has learned nothing, and continues to dig the hole deeper which each new media interview that he does.

The former president does seem to be taking full credit for the attempted coup, which will make Jack Smith’s job easier. Trump confessed last week in the classified documents case by basically admitted that he took the documents because he believes that he is entitled to them.

As long as Trump thinks of the criminal cases against him as political problems, he runs the risk of talking himself into a felony conviction.


September 2023