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The Hilarious Celebrity Auction Memes Will Never Get Old

This week:

This Celebrity Auction Will Make You Laugh

It is a rare moment when major Hollywood celebrities’ behavior is altruistic and noble, while at the same time absolutely hilarious. We are fortunate to be experiencing such a time right now—and the extremely online among us, bless them all, are having a field day with it.

A slew of famous people—actors, directors, musicians—are participating in an eBay auction to support the Union Solidarity Coalition, with the net proceeds going to benefit healthcare funds for crew members who have been affected by the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes.

Many of the experiences available for bidding are of the normal variety you’d expect from something like this: Zoom with the , one of the cast members breaks down in tears. That’s hardly unusual in and of itself when it comes to this show—but the circumstances this time certainly are.

New cast member Monica Garcia got choked up while confessing to her mother that she had splurged on a Louis Vuitton bag that she could not afford. She felt inferior to the richer women in the cast, who are always flaunting designer brands, and wanted something to make her feel like she belonged. It was really touching and relatable—and finally an acknowledgment of the ludicrous wealth that the women on these shows are so typically nonchalant about.

Later in the episode, Monica confides in castmate Heather Gay that she was excommunicated from the Mormon church after admitting to sleeping with her brother-in-law for 18 months, and then spends an hour digging through the trash and tampon disposal bin in a public bathroom searching for Lisa Barlow’s $60,000 lost ring.

This is what you call a stellar Housewives debut, Bravo fans. I’m obsessed.

Words to Live By

From the people who brought you the iconic Kim Cattrall quote and headline “I don’t want to be in a situation for even an hour where I’m not enjoying myself” comes a new mantra, this one courtesy of Fleabag star Andrew Scott: “We need a bit more of people not liking things.” Amen.

Screenshot of the Observer’s Rachel Cooke’s interview with Andrew Scott, of Fleabag fame.

Observer screenshot

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El Conde: Pablo Larraín imagines if Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet was a vampire. (Now on Netflix)

American Horror Story: Delicate: No one’s seen Kim Kardashian’s American Horror Story debut yet. But good or bad, it will definitely be fun to watch. (Wed. on FX)

Sex Education: It’s the final season! I just love this show so much! (Thurs. on Netflix)

What to skip this week:

Wilderness: Not even Taylor Swift’s music can save it. (Now on Prime Video)

A Haunting in Venice: Please put an end to these Poirot movies! (Now in theaters)


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