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Tory Lanez Allegedly Insults Reporter on Final Day in Court

Court reporter Meghann Cuniff appears to have gotten under rapper Tory Lanez’s skin. According to the journalist—who gained social media notoriety as “Meghann Thee Reporter” thanks to her coverage of Lanez’s Megan Thee Stallion shooting trial—Lanez called her a “googly-eyed bitch” during his final appearance in court this week.

Last December, a Los Angeles jury found Lanez guilty of all three charges prosecutors had raised against him—assault with a firearm, illegal possession of a firearm, and negligent discharge of a gun—for shooting Megan Pete, aka Megan Thee Stallion, in 2020. This August, Lanez received a 10-year prison sentence, and on Thursday, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge denied his motion for bail.

In her final report on the court case, Cuniff repeats her allegation (first shared on Twitter Thursday) that Lanez insulted her during his last moments in court. “I couldn’t hear him,” Cuniff writes in her report, published Friday, “but several people in the courtroom, including sheriff’s deputies, heard him say ‘googly-eyed bitch’ as he looked at me in the gallery.”

When reached for comment, Lanez’s attorney, Jose Baez, asked whether The Daily Beast was “referring to the blogger?” and added, “The person I believe you are talking about does not work for any news outlet.” (Cuniff runs the Substack Legal Affairs and Notes with Meghann Cuniff and has previously written for and contributed to outlets including Law & Crime, The Washington Post, and The Daily Beast.)

Baez seems to be aware of Cuniff already: In August, after Cuniff questioned the lawyer’s dedication to the case as he posted photos from Italy, Complex reported that Baez had responded with a post on Instagram that did not mention her by name but instead alluded only to a “blogger.”

“For the record I travel to Italy 2 to 4 times a year,” Baez wrote in an Instagram Story, per Complex. “I have both business interests as well as clients who have business in Italy. It is a beautiful country and a privilege to visit. This blogger has had a clear bias against Tory and has attacked everyone associated with him as well as made numerous inaccurate assumptions. In fairness to her, she has no legal training and has never worked in the court system, so her opinions have little to no merit whatsoever.”

After his sentencing in August, Lanez wrote on Instagram that he refuses “to stop fighting till I come out victorious.”

Meanwhile, Megan Thee Stallion seemingly responded to news of Lanez’s sentencing last month during a concert at San Francisco’s Outside Lands Music Festival. Yelling from the stage, she said, “Fuck all my haters. None of the shit you was saying or doing broke me.”


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