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James Comer Falls Apart When Asked Why He Won’t Subpoena Hunter Biden

House Oversight Committee chair Rep. James Comer (R-KY) got very uncomfortable when he was asked why he just won’t subpoena Hunter Biden.

Comer went on Newsmax on Wednesday morning and was asked, “When are you going to subpoena Hunter Biden and drag him into Capitol Hill for questioning?”

Rep. Comer answered, “Well, I think what I want to look at with Hunter Biden. If I could just have one thing with Hunter Biden. It would be his bank records.”

Comer added some conspiracy talking points and then referred to the compromised laptop, but the Newsmax host was not satisfied and asked again, “But Congressman, why not subpoena him and have them testify on Capitol Hill? Even if he doesn’t say anything that’s going to be uncomfortable for the president to have his son testify on the Hill.”

Chairman Comer crumbled some more, “Well, as I said in the investigation early on, I think we’re going to follow the money and Hunter Biden is more than welcome to come in front of the committee if he wants to clear his good name. If he wants to come and say, you know, these were not 20 shell companies. They actually did something he’s more than he’s invited. Today. We will drop everything.”

The host pointed out that Hunter Biden would have to show up if he is subpoenaed, and Comer revealed something important by saying,  “Well, he can fight the subpoena in court. It’s very difficult. You know, I think if it were easy to get the president or their son in front of the House committee January 6th probably would have done that with with Donald Trump.


The 1/6 Committee did interview Trump’s family. The Committee interviewed Donald Trump Jr., Kimberly Guilfoyle, Ivanka Trump, and Jared Kushner, so there is no reason for Comer not to interview Hunter Biden.

Newsmax is as friendly a media source to Biden impeachment as Rep. Comer is going to get and the fact that he can’t handle their questions reveals how thin and shallow the GOP’s impeachment push is.

There are dozens of Republicans who aren’t buying what Comer is selling on impeachment, and the situation is unlikely to get better for House Republicans as scrutiny increases on their investigation.


September 2023