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GOP In Disarray: As Many As 30 House Republicans Don’t Buy Biden Impeachment

House Republicans are divided to such a degree that as many as 30 House Republicans don’t believe there is enough evidence to open a Biden impeachment investigation.

CNN reported, “While McCarthy has called an impeachment inquiry a “natural next step” in Republicans’ investigations into Biden and his son, the speaker doesn’t have the votes to proceed. A number of moderates and even GOP Rep. Ken Buck of Colorado, a member of the House Judiciary Committee – where impeachment articles originate – are openly opposed to such a move. One moderate GOP lawmaker said they believe there are as many as 30 Republicans who don’t believe there’s enough evidence yet for impeachment, based on informal conversations with colleagues.”

Republicans Are Trying To Lower The Bar For Impeachment

Republicans know that they have no direct evidence to support the allegations that they are making against the President Of The United States, so they are lowering the bar from high crimes and misdemeanors to circumstantial evidence is close enough.

Sen. Ted Cruz went on Fox News to proclaim the power of circumstantial evidence:

Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA), who helped Trump attempt a coup, yelled at a reporter who asked for direct evidence to back up what House Republicans are claiming after Porter offered that the Bidens houses were too nice to afford on a congressional and VP’s salary.

The media needs to ask every single House Republican if they support this investigation and if they will support impeaching President Biden. There are 18 House Republicans occupying seats in districts that President Biden won in 2020.

Kevin McCarthy and the MAGA Reps. can’t convince their caucus that they have evidence that Biden did anything wrong. 

Under Trump, the Republican Party is constantly being driven by crackpot chaos.

House Republicans are in disarray, and it is time for the rest of the media to start reporting on it.


September 2023