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Newsmax Host Admits ‘Impeachment’ Is To Hammer Biden Poll Numbers

Remember this?

Fox News, Hannity, Sept. 29, 2015. GOP Rep. Kevin McCarthy admits that the Benghazi witch hunt is all about doing political harm to Hillary Clinton while being hammered by Sean Hannity for not going along with enough of the teabaggers’ destructive agenda.

And here comes James Comer and Newsmax’s Greg Kelly — McCarthy/Hannity of 2023 — noting that their phoney illegal impeachment inquiry has the benefit of affecting Biden’s poll numbers.

Except this time, it isn’t a gaffe, it’s a feature. Transcript via Media Matters, emphasis mine:

GREG KELLY (HOST): What did you make of that? Is that a big deal? Because, let’s face it, we’ve had a hard time — you’ve had a hard time, kind of, breaking the Democrats, getting their attention, the Democrat media. That seems like it’s pretty significant.

REP. JAMES COMER (GUEST): That’s a big deal. I mean, you look at the CNN poll a week and a half ago that said 63 percent of Americans believe that Joe Biden was involved in his family’s schemes. So, what’s happened is Americans are getting their news from alternative sources, even though the mainstream media, including The Washington Post, hasn’t given this investigation justice. Now, I think they realized that the American people are curious. And the American people have — using — have been investigating this and they realize it’s not normal for a vice president’s family to receive millions and millions of dollars from foreign nationals and for the vice president, now our current president, to not be able to identify one single thing that the family members did to receive the money. That’s simple for most Americans to realize. Now, the media realizes that Joe Biden’s polls are in the toilet. And then I think the straw that broke the camel’s back was Ian Sams, who’s the White House spokesperson — he’s their lapdog that goes out and attacks me and Jim Jordan all the time — he got on the press yesterday in a panic after this impeachment inquiry was announced, and said the press wasn’t doing a good enough job defending Joe Biden. Look, that’s all the press has done is defend Joe Biden and I think that was like Barney Fife waving an empty gun at Otis, the town drunk in Mayberry. And I think that was the moment The Washington Post said, enough. OK? Joe Biden can’t answer for how his family got millions of dollars. This is obviously not going to go away. Let’s just go ahead and cut bait now and run and try to find an alternative next year in the presidential election.

KELLY: Yeah, that young man is in way over his head. Although he did say, look, oh James Comer, he’s bragging about Joe Biden going down in the polls. Now, we did just talk about that. But I actually think that’s OK. I mean, you’re uncovering the truth about Joe Biden. The people need to know it. And, quite frankly, if this softens him up for reelection, somebody like this should not be reelected. So, there’s value here in driving those poll numbers lower. I’m basically trying to defend against that talking point.


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