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Rep. Scott Perry Yells At Reporter Who Asks To See Actual Evidence Against Biden

Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA) got angry and started yelling at a reporter who asked him for actual evidence justifying a Biden impeachment.


When Rep. Perry was asked for actual evidence against President Biden, he responded with more allegations including that the Bidens houses were too nice, and too much money earned in interest. Perry then repeated the Russian disinformation Burisma allegation and then yelled at the reporter that if she couldn’t see this evidence, she was blind. 

Rep. Perry never cited any evidence. House Republicans have no evidence that Biden ever did anything wrong. They have no payments to Biden. They have no records of Biden getting any money. Joe Biden’s lack of wealth for the vast majority of his life is very well known.

As vice president, Biden told the story of Obama offering him financial assistance, because the Bidens were considering selling their house to support the family of his son Beau who passed away from brain cancer.

Joe Biden has released decades of tax returns. The now-president made his money after the Obama administration ended through book sales and speaking engagements. 

Republicans can’t find the money that they have accused Biden of taking because there isn’t any, and that is why House Republicans are already yelling at reporters who are doing nothing more than asking for evidence to back up their claims.

It hasn’t been a full day, and House Republicans are already coming unglued.


September 2023