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John Fetterman Threatens To Stick Biden Impeachment Up McCarthy’s Tailpipe

Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) didn’t hold back when he was asked about the House GOP’s Biden impeachment investigation. Fetterman told McCarthy that Senate Democrats are going to shove impeachment back up his tailpipe.

Fetterman first mocked McCarthy and House Republicans:

Fetterman gave a more detailed answer later in the afternoon as reported by Politico:

“I don’t know what they call that group over the House, Team America or whatever they call themselves, bring the votes or otherwise go hump on a different leg.”

He later dared the House GOP to try and impeach Biden: “Go ahead and send it over here if they got the votes and we’ll shove it back up his tail pipe.” (To be clear in these instances, Team America is the Freedom Caucus and the tailpipe belongs to Speaker Kevin McCarthy.)

Democrats aren’t afraid of Biden impeachment in the least.

In fact, they seem to be looking forward to it as an opportunity to tee off on House Republicans.

Sen. Fetterman has it right. Democrats have nothing to be afraid of in this situation. It was Kevin McCarthy who caved to pressure from the far right of his caucus and launched the impeachment investigation. McCarthy is the one who is acting out of fear. President Biden did nothing wrong, so Democrats have nothing to worry about, but if Republicans want to make sure that they lose in 2024, please proceed with Boden impeachment.


September 2023