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Newsmax Is Running A Fundraiser For Rudy Guiliani

I’m old enough to remember MSNBC trying to suspend Keith Olbermann for donating to a Democratic Congressman with his own money.

Now Newsmax blatantly runs a fundraiser to help Rudy Guiliani stay out of prison?

Ethics? WHAT ethics?

Bobby Lewis at Media Matters leads today with multiple examples of Newsmax hosts pimping (I’m using that word literally and figuratively, they’re whores) a fundraiser for “America’s Mayor.”

Newsmax recently began running on-air fundraising appeals for the legal defense of disgraced Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani. But not only is the network urging viewers to help Giuliani — it appears to be also running his donation website directly and collecting the checks on his behalf…

The website that Newsmax tells viewers to go to, RudyFund.com, redirects to a domain hosted by Newsmax, which indicates that the network will process the actual donations as well. This includes physical checks, which are mailed to a P.O. box listed on the Newsmax contact page as a mailing address. The depth of Newsmax’s involvement is not made clear on air; one host even thanked the network “for allowing us to do this,” suggesting a separation between Newsmax operations and Giuliani’s defense fund.

Given Newsmax’s extensive history of running scams and cons on its audience — health and finance newsletters, sketchy nutritional supplements, and over 70 email lists, which CEO Chris Ruddy reportedly views as essential revenue operations — it’s worth asking what the network is getting out of the Rudy Giuliani Legal Defense Fund other than displaying more embarrassing public support for Trump and his cronies.

Meanwhile, Rudy himself is promoting a legal defense fund set up by “friends” where you can send money to be laundered



to this UPS Store in West Palm Beach (not making that up):

UPS Store West Palm Beach

The Citizens United decision brought all the grifters to the yard.


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