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‘The View’ Assures Viewers That Whoopi Goldberg Is ‘Not Dead’

Whoopi Goldberg may be taking a break from holding court on The View in person while she recovers from a case of COVID-19, but the Academy Award winner is “not dead,” co-host Joy Behar emphasized to fans on the show on Wednesday.

After missing Tuesday’s season premiere, Goldberg checked in on The View on Wednesday via livestream.

“I am not at Burning Man. I am not still in Italy. I’m not trying to change the outcome of the election. I just have COVID,” Goldberg told the audience wearily. “I’m still testing positive. I have to have a clear test before I can come back, so it might be a couple of days, but I’m really thrilled to see the beautiful new desk. I’m really thrilled to see all the beautiful women… I’m sending you all great love and can’t wait to get back to our favorite place, The View.”

“People write, ‘Well, she got the vaccination, how come she still gets it?’” Behar added. “Because she’s not dead, she’s just a little bit under the weather! If you don’t get [the vaccination] and you get the disease, you might die… this type of irrational talk drives me nuts.”

The irrational talk Behar is referring to may also include the discourse being pushed by right-wing commentators this week, who are speculating that First Lady Jill Biden’s recent COVID diagnosis, coupled with Goldberg’s, is evidence of a plot hatched by “left-wing lunatics,” to force Americans back into lockdown and, as Donald Trump put it recently, “restart the COVID hysteria so they can justify more lockdowns, more censorship, more illegal dropboxes, more mail-in ballots.”


September 2023