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The attempts to move Election fraud cases around: my take on the logic behind it

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Well, it is interesting watching the attempts by the people that were indicted in Georgia for trying to subvert the election in 2020. It seems that everybody wants something to change, but what they would gain by the changes is not clear. I suspect that much of it is a delaying tactic and/or a way of trying to confuse the issue to allow time to go by and add more and more confusion.

First of all, there is the attempt to get an earlier court date. That has been received from one of the 19, Cheesebro. However, apparently Sidney Powell is also pleaing for the same thing. John Eastman is the third person pursuing that change.

Now here comes Mark Meadows pleasing that the case should be heard in Federal Court instead of a state jurisdiction despite the fact that Georgie specifically had bullying from the pro-trump folks including Mark Meadows. Reading the linked article, one sees that Mark Meadows is actually arguring that the state (apparently accordng to him) doesn’t have juridiction because he was acting in his capacity in the Federal Government when he took the actions and said the things he said.

But this is where the whole attempt makes no sense to me. The MAGA cult along with their leader claims that Georgia and DC are biased and none of them can get a fair trial in either court so why would they want to move the case to DC? It strikes me that the whole attempt is to delay and generally play games and prevent anybody from having to face court and the potential of justice being meted out. In other words, they are trying to get away with their actions.

Personally, I think each state that they tried to negate the votes in, should bring a seperate case and between the state and federal cases get them and us true justice and hopefully establish what should be seen as true for everybody in the nation. NOBODY, no matter what position they hold is above the law…nobody!!!! Unless and untill a former president is found guilty of any criminal acts they have condoned and/or committed, we will never have equal justice in this country. In retrospect, for that reason, I wish Ford had not been allowed to pardon Nixon back in the 1970’s. If he hadn’t, we might not have this situation to face now.



August 2023