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Mark Meadows’ Defense Falls Apart In Georgia Case

Former Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows claimed that he was acting in his official capacity when Trump tried to overturn the 2020 Georgia election, but Meadows was working with non-White House lawyers.

CNN reported:

Willis’ prosecutors have repeatedly highlighted that Meadows included outside, pro-Trump lawyers on that call – people who were not federal employees and didn’t work at the Department of Justice, for instance.

Meadows said he didn’t recall a specific conversation with Cleta Mitchell, a private attorney assisting Trump, to get her on the call with Raffensperger. He said he also couldn’t recall looping in members of Trump’s campaign to the call.

Meadows grew somewhat exasperated as the prosecutor questioned why his role would include setting up a call to settle private litigation. Meadows pointed to Trump’s needs as he perceived them.

“I dealt with the president’s personal position on a number of things. It’s still a part of my job to make sure the president is safe and secure and able to perform his job,” Meadows said. “Serving the president of the United States is what I do, to be clear.”

Mark Meadows has claimed that he was acting in his official capacity when helped Trump try to overturn the 2020 presidential election results in Georgia. but if Meadows was acting as White House Chief of Staff, why was he working with outside lawyers and members of Trump’s campaign?

Meadows wasn’t working with the White House Counsel because he and Trump were engaged in a criminal conspiracy that they were trying to keep away from the official White House lawyers, because the duty of the White House Counsel is to protect the presidency itself, not any individual president.

Mark Meadows wants to get his Georgia trial moved to federal court because in federal court there are no cameras allowed and he has a better chance at getting a conservative judge who was a Trump pick.

Meadows is probably going to lose his motion and be tried in Fulton County just like the other 18  RICO defendants.


August 2023