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Ramaswamy Emerges As KremlinTV’s #2

It’s hard to overstate how much the Russian state tv news programs lionize Donald Trump, enough to make even Fox News blush. “He is like Nelson Mandela, like Martin Luther King Jr., he is being persecuted by an evil shadow government!” gushed Yevgeny Satanovsky. Waxing on about Trump’s “persecution”, they worried he might be going to prison or assassinated, like Lincoln or Kennedy. So, looking at the other contenders they could find only one real option, with Ron DeSantis failing, they turned instead to Vivek Ramaswamy and liked what they heard from him.

Source: Julia Davis/The Daily Beast

Sentiments aside, Putin’s mouthpieces are considering Trump’s runners-up, in case he is unable to reach the finish line. The Russians initially placed their hopes in Ron DeSantis, whose Russian nickname is “Number Two,” but another contender captured their attention after the first Republican debate. Vivek Ramaswamy became an overnight success in Moscow, because of his geopolitical naiveté and statements about cutting U.S. assistance to Ukraine.

Friday’s broadcast of 60 Minutes included a montage of Ramaswamy’s debate performance set to Johnny Thunder’s 1968 song, “I’m Alive.” Multiple clips of his statements were peppered throughout the segment and featured all over Russian state media, including RT.

Political scientist Vladimir Kornilov pointed out, “What’s most important—the most telling moment—did you hear the excitement in the audience when Ramaswamy said he wouldn’t support continued U.S. aid to Ukraine? There was an ovation in the auditorium! This shows that Ukraine will certainly experience problems!”

And else did Ramaswamy say? He compared Ukraine with the Mujahadeen and Al-Qaida in Afghanistan after the Soviets left.

“You mark my words, the way this war ends right now, without the US actually stepping in and saying we’re not going to fund any more of it, is going to be some post-Zelensky warlord takes over with a couple hundred billion dollars of American military equipment, just like what happened after the Soviets invaded Afghanistan. And you see how far that got,” said Ramaswamy.

He also referred to Zelensky as “their Pope.”

All of which had the Host of the show wondering if they might install Ramastamy as the president instead. You know, just in case Trump ends up in prison or something.

Host Evgeny Popov noted, “We should take a closer look at this Mr. Ramaswamy. The last time, we had installed President Trump for Americans, but our bet didn’t quite work out. Why not try again? Let’s give it another try and see how Ramaswamy will perform, in case Trump doesn’t manage to win the post of the president.”

Russians are deranged.


August 2023