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Pence Responds To Jacksonville Shooting In The Most GOP Way Ever

Presidential hopeful (LOL) Mike Pence responded to the news that a White man in his early 20s, who “hated Black people,” opened fire in a Dollar General store in Jacksonville, killing two Black men and a Black woman before taking his own life.

When asked on ‘Face The Nation’ what he and his party can do to address this, Pence called for “an expedited federal death penalty for anyone engaged in a mass shooting.” That will not prevent mass shootings, and Mike knows this. He called for an end to defunding the police rhetoric from the “left” when it’s the right calling to defund law enforcement.

“Well, there’s no place in America for racially inspired violence, and I condemn what occurred in Jacksonville in the strongest possible terms,” he said. “That wasn’t a criminal act. That was an act of evil.”

Thoughts and prayers.

“And our prayers are with the families who lost loved ones and those that are injured,” he continued. Karen and I prayed this morning for them.”

“But look, this issue of mass shootings is one that I think we need leadership in this country afresh,” Pence said without offering any solutions whatsoever.

“I will tell you that I believe that there’s a series of steps that we can take, providing law enforcement with the support that they need, ending this this long experiment of defunding the police by the American left,” he said out loud.

“I think we need to provide federal funding to provide armed guards at all of our public and private schools,” he said. “We need a commitment to institutional health care in this country that I’ve called for many months ago. But at the end of the day, I also believe that justice delayed is justice denied.”

“And I’m calling for an expedited federal death penalty for anyone engaged in a mass shooting like took place in Jacksonville or, frankly, like the shootings that took place at a baseball park and at a football game,” he continued. “We’ve got to send a message to anyone that has evil in their hearts, that there is no chance for them to spend the rest of their life behind bars, that they’re going to meet their fate in months, not years.”

“And I believe I believe expedited due process, a federal death penalty for those that engage in the kind of mass shootings that claim lives in Jacksonville yesterday,” he added.

That’s a lot of words to say: We’re not going to do anything about the gun violence crisis in our country.

What a coward. We need serious elected officials who aren’t afraid to buck the party line — especially when it comes to the fact that people are being killed in the streets and in schools, and now at a Dollar Store.


August 2023