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Legal Spokesperson Crashes And Burns As She Floats Doomed Trump Defense

Trump’s legal spokesperson Alina Habba suggested that Trump didn’t have to prepare for his upcoming criminal trials because he did nothing wrong and is intelligent.

Legal experts have said that there is a mountain of evidence against Trump in upcoming criminal trials. Trump is facing not only witness testimony, but paper trails, audio tapes, and video of his conduct. Trump should be diligently preparing for what he is facing, but instead the Trump defense seems to be that he doesn’t need to prepare because he did nothing wrong.

Trump spokesperson Alina Habba suggested that everything is great!!

Transcript via Fox News Sunday:

BREAM: Yeah, we’re going to talk about some of that back and forth with the House GOP now pressing on Jack Smith and on Fani Willis about that with our legal panel.

But let me ask you this, the logistics. You saw the timeline there. That’s in the middle of running for president, caucuses, primaries.

How do you logistically handle, you know, prepping a client for all those different trials and running for president of the United States?

HABBA: Yeah. If it was a normal person, honestly, Shannon I could understand the concern. President Trump is not your average person. He’s incredibly intelligent and he knows the ropes. He also knows the facts because he lived them.

These are — these are not complicated facts. Look at Fani — it was a phone call, a phone call that’s been around forever, that he refers to as a perfect phone call.

What is going to have to be prepped for? The truth? You don’t have to prep much when you’ve done nothing wrong. So, that I’m not concerned with.

These trial dates also are going to move. It’s unrealistic. It’s theatrics. And no judge is going to say that you could be on two trials at once in two different states but a lot of these overlap. They look at the start date of the trial.

But these are four to six-week trials at the least. So, there’s no way they’re not going to overlap. I mean, they’re going to have to go into October, November of next year, again, by design.

But in terms of President Trump, the candidate, I have zero concerns.


According to Habba, everything is wonderful. Look at Trump’s poll numbers in the Republican primary. Habba also suggested in the same interview that the indictments are a coordinated plot to tie up Trump for the 2024 election.

Trump has apparently decided to respond to this ‘plot’ by not preparing for trial.

If this was all a plot to keep him busy for 2024, wouldn’t Trump want to get the trials over with as soon as possible, so that he could go campaign?

Trump is doing the opposite. He is trying to stall, delay, and slow walk everything.

The words don’t match up with the actions of Trump’s legal team, but if Habba’s comments are his defense, Trump is going to be a convicted felon.


August 2023