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Was Kim Cattrall’s ‘And Just Like That’ Cameo Even Worth It?

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I Couldn’t Help But Wonder…

We have now experienced the cultural event of the century: Kim Cattrall’s 70-second .

The Prime Video series is exciting because it so intrinsically feels like the Penny Marshall film starring Tom Hanks and Geena Davis that it’s based on, but also thrillingly digs deeper into the characters and the fascinating aspects of the time period it’s set in. The series is both a testament to how wonderful this period of countless streaming services and the opportunity for endless content is—the fact that the show exists—and how this time is utterly maddening.

A scene from 'A League of Their Own'

Prime Video

That’s why I was devastated when Prime Videeo announced this week that a previously planned second season for A League of Their Own was canceled. In its statement, Prime Video blamed the decision on the concurrent strikes happening in Hollywood. It needs to be said that such a statement is HORSESHIT, a hollow attempt at villainizing workers who are owed the rights and compensation that greedy executives are denying them.

Nothing needs to be canceled because of the strikes; a fair agreement needs to happen because of the strikes. As A League of Their Own co-creator Abbi Jacobson said in her own response to the statement, “To blame this cancellation on the strike (which is an essential fight for fair wages, protections, and working conditions, etc…) is bullshit and cowardly.”

The point is that, like the movie it was based on, this is a fantastic, nearly flawless series. You should watch it. I’m really sad it’s not coming back. It’s a show that matters. And I encourage you to read this thread from co-creator Will Graham, which elucidates exactly why.

Get Thee to a Theater

The movies are back, y’all! It was reported this week that Barbie is going to overtake The Super Mario Bros. Movie as the highest grossing release in the U.S. this year, with both crossing the $1 billion box-office marker. I don’t want to brag, but clearly 7-year-old Kevin is Hollywood’s greatest tastemaker. All we need is a billion-dollar movie inspired by my Captain Planet lunch box to confirm it.

But this shouldn’t stop at Barbie. The new raunchy and surprising teen comedy Bottoms is out this weekend. As I learned while watching its premiere at the SXSW Film Festival, it’s a film that demands a raucous audience who guffaws, gasps, and claps at its jokes and twists. (Don’t let what happened to Booksmart, another genius film from the genre that died on the vine in cinemas, happen to Bottoms too.)

Football player thrusting his hips in a gif.

Orion Pictures

While you’re at it, go see Passages, to support independent cinema. Or Talk to Me, one of the most fun horror movies of the year. Go buy movie tickets. Make theaters crowded again. You won’t regret it.

A Mantra

My new therapist is just this quote from Patricia Clarkson from a recent interview.

“My mother said, ‘Patty, I just don’t want you to wake up at 50 and be unhappy.’ I woke up at 50 in stilettos and a thong,’ “ she said, laughing. “I’ve had a great sexy-ass life.”

Patricia Clarkson speaking

What to watch this week:

You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah: Adam Sandler remembered that he could be funny! (Now on Netflix)

Star Wars: Ahsoka: Just make sure you have a Star Wars Wikipedia page up while you’re watching. (Now on Disney+)

Bottoms: Don’t overthink it. Sometimes, fun movies are just fun. (Now in theaters)

What to skip this week:

Gran Turismo: You’d think a movie based on a popular video game would be more exciting. (Now in theaters)


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