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Wagner Group Cemetery Levelled, Will Be Paved Over With Concrete

Now that Prigozhin and the rest of the Wagner Group leadership have gone kaput, it’s time to erase their memory from the historical record. With that in mind, a cemetery in Nikolayevka, Samara Oblast (about 500km east of Moscow) has been levelled and will be paved over with concrete. Supposedly, monuments to the fallen will appear someday. And if you believe that nonsense…

The Wagnerite in the video above is not happy.

Source: Yahoo News

Graves at a cemetery for Wagner Group mercenaries in the village of Nikolayevka, Samara Oblast, have had their crosses removed and been bulldozed to the ground.

Local residents said that the crosses and wreaths had been piled up like rubbish, and the graves themselves had been levelled to the ground with heavy machinery.

Following publicity on social media, local media outlets reported that the avenue where the Wagnerites were buried would become a flat area of ground. It will be paved with concrete, and a black pyramid will supposedly appear on the site of each grave.

The Wagner mercenaries’ cemetery appeared in Samara Oblast several months ago. Yevgeny Prigozhin, leader of the Wagner Group, unveiled a memorial stele at the cemetery in April which, judging by the photographs, has not been demolished.

Not yet anyway, but it will be.

And if you go to Twitter (X) they kindly provide Russian propaganda to accompany the tweet.

And here’s an old video of Prigozhin visiting the cemetery. Acres and acres of dead Wagnerites.


August 2023