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The Fox News Debate Crushed The Trump And Tucker Carlson Interview

It is estimated that just a tiny fraction of Twitter’s views number actually watched the Trump and Tucker Carlson interview while the GOP debate on Fox News had 12.8 million sustained viewers.

Mashable broke down how Trump’s video really did:

Mashable can report that, as of the publication of this article on Thursday evening, Carlson’s Trump interview has received 14.8 million video views on X.

To break down what this means for Tucker Carlson’s Trump interview: The video itself was actually played only 14.8 million times, for at least two seconds of the more than 46-minute interview — or just over six percent of the total 236 million times someone saw the post on X.

Mashable got the number because some older Android versions of the Twitter app still show the actual video views data, so the truth is that 14.8 million people watched at least 2 seconds of the Trump video while 12.8 million watched the Republican debate, as television viewership is measured by continuous viewing, not a couple of seconds of channel surfing.

Trump’s Twitter Video Got Crushed, But Musk’s Lie Will Likely Lead Him To Continue Not Debating

As our own Sarah Jones was one of the first to point out yesterday, Trump’s video numbers are misleading. Most importantly for the Republican primary election, they are misleading the criminal diva known as Donald Trump to think he can reach a bigger audience by not debating.

Trump has believed in the fallacy of Twitter as an audience driver for his entire political career. He tried to be his own press office as president on Twitter and tried to run his presidential campaign through Twitter in 2020 and was crushed by President Biden.

The fake video numbers are going to fuel Trump’s delusions, and the result will be that he will do what he already wants to do, which is have the Republican presidential nomination handed to him without debating or campaigning.


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