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Nancy Mace: Biden More Corrupt Than Inmate #P01135809

South Carolina Rep. Nancy Mace has been known to exaggerate (lie) before. Like the time she claimed that Antifa vandalized her home, but it was in her handwriting. She gave a heartfelt speech about the importance of reproductive rights for women, then voted for the anti-abortion legislation. Yup, she’s that kind of attention-seeking politician.

Her latest hypocrisy came during her interview on Fox Business.

“One thing you did tell me, and this is what you said last time you were here with me,” the host said. “You said that it’s, you know, forget 20 million, it’s 50 million, and this is based on documents that you’ve seen that we have not seen yet. So can you, is it still 50 million is it more now?”

“It’s staggeringly high,” Mace said without offering any evidence to back up her claim. “It’s definitely more than 50 million. It’s staggeringly high.”

“I’m not allowed to share the confidential information in the suspicious activity reports sitting at the Treasury right now, but the amount of money we were talking about is staggering, and the fact that mainstream media has just ignored this swept this under the rug and said all of this is normal,” she continued.

“This is probably the most corrupt president in US history, and I don’t say that lightly,” she said the day after former President Donald Trump was arrested for the fourth time.

“I mean, I come from a very purple district, but the double standard here is very obvious,” she insisted. “There’s a two…two different standards of justice in this country, and you know Joe Biden ought to probably have a mugshot when this thing is said and done.”

“I want the American people to see all the evidence that we have,” she said while once again producing zero pieces of evidence.

“And we may see that evidence soon, host Martha Bowes MacCallum asked.”Can you give us any sense?”

Here it comes.

“I hope so,” she added. “Well, I mean, we’re still oversight is doing its investigation. It’s taking time.”

She blasted the media for sweeping something under the rug that’s not backed up with evidence, so it’s not under the rug. Let’s read a tabloid about Melania Trump giving birth to an alien baby and say, “Aha! Why is the mainstream media ignoring this?” And yet, Mace couldn’t even provide a tabloid.


August 2023