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Don Jr Talks About ‘Fluffing.’ Ew

So my understanding of the term, “fluffing,” concurs with the definition provided by Urban Dictionary:

Fluffing (v) – A technique used in most pornographic films today. When the male star has to get “aroused” for the camera, he is fluffed beforehand.

A stagehand, someone usually chosen just for this job, either gives the star a hand or blow job.

And Don Jr., squished next to his totally never-fluffed or fluffing fiancee Kimberly Guilfoyle, uses the term to discuss Fox News, Rupert Murdoch, and their “puppet” Ron DeSantis. Ew.


TRUMP JR.: “Well, listen, it’s been wild. We were up at the debate yesterday, Kimberly and I, we were blocked by Fox News from going into the spin room. You know, it’s an RNC debate, they’re televising it, but it’s an RNC debate, and I’d say arguably the two primary surrogates for the President of the United States, and the man that’s leading by 60 points, are banned from the spin room because we all saw and have been watching the two years of fluffing that they’ve been doing for Ron DeSantis because Rupert Murdoch, Paul Ryan and the RINOs, you know, they want to have a puppet in the White House, they’ll do whatever they can to place him in there. So when their puppet and their chosen puppet fails miserably on the debate stage, when he waffles, when the things that he said sound so robotic and pre-programmed, when the things that actually got applause were basically directly plagiarized from the Trump campaign and from the Trump website, I mean, how many times did Ron DeSantis say ‘a nation in decline?’ By the way, for the first time ever, right out of the Trump speech guide, right off the Trump website.”

Whine harder, Don. But if you can’t, maybe Kimberly can help?


August 2023