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Ex-Trump Adviser: You Don’t Need Trump To Have A Sh*t Show Debate

The GOP debate was incredible last night. I don’t think anyone won. There were quite a few lies about the economy and climate change denialism, and the candidates seemed to be missing their spines. Just more of the same. And they offered zero solutions to the problems America is facing.

On CNN, host Anderson Cooper sat down with David Axelrod, John King, Abby Phillip, Farah Griffin, Scott Jennings, and former Trump adviser David Urban to discuss the debate.

Urban offered the perfect take on last night’s “train wreck.”

“Well, you know, I think tonight proves that you don’t need Donald Trump to be in a debate to have a shitshow there, right?” he said. “So I mean, it was a complete train wreck.”

“The moderators, I think, did a great job controlling the crowd,” Urban continued. “I think, you know, a lot of the candidates were stepping on one another.”

“You know, I don’t remember which candidate said, like, American people don’t want to hear this,” he continued. “They want to hear people argue. They want to hear policies. They want to hear ideas.”

“This is a chance to put things forward,” he said. “And I think a lot of the folks did a great disservice to their own candidacies by just, you know, talking too much about things that don’t matter.”

“They want to talk directly to the people,” he added. “I think the big winner tonight was Vivek Ramaswamy, who kind of took up most of the time in the debate.”

Ramaswamy did get more airtime, but he’s insufferable. At least in my opinion. Pence is milquetoast. DeSantis has no personality, just some obnoxious traits. I don’t even know what to say about Nikki Haley’s lack of spine. Chris Christie doesn’t stand a chance, but watching him bulldoze the other candidates is fun. Republicans have nothing to offer.


August 2023