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Ron DeSantis Is So Clearly the Beta to Donald Trump’s Alpha

As Donald Trump responded to Florida governor Ron DeSantis’ flailing Twitter Spaces event announcing his 2024 presidential campaign run, the former president showed exactly why he’s Donald Trump—and Ron DeSantis isn’t.

“Trump was just ruthless in going after this,” The New Abnormal co-host Andy Levy explains.

“I look at these posts from Trump and I’m like, DeSantis is dead. He’s just dead because he can’t compete with this kind of stuff. He did it in a funny way… and he made DeSantis look even smaller in comparison. He is so clearly the beta to Trump’s alpha—to use their terms—and given that he’s in a party that sort of worships this whole cult of the phony alpha man, I don’t really see how he beats Trump on a thing like this.”

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According to David Roth, editor and co-owner of Defector, “DeSantis belongs on Twitter.” Roth joined the show this week alongside his It’s Christmas Town podcast cohost Jeb London, a journalist who has written for publications such as The Guardian, Vice and Rolling Stone.

“I mean that is how he has governed, that he’s never going to let some opportunity to, not just to bully somebody or some group of people that he thinks are believable, but he’s never gonna not do a post.”

London says he believes DeSantis’ problem is in the planning: “You’ve got people like DeSantis who are going to be trying to read the tea leaves and anticipate where to move the audience, he’s going to misfire a lot more. Trump doesn’t care, you just have to get behind him and follow ‘This is what we’re doing right now.’”

Plus! Congresswoman Jasmine Crockett, who represents Texas’ 30th Congressional District, talks about her spicy exchange with her freshman colleague, Rep. Anna Paulina Luna, this week.

“A lot of times we get stupid stuff said on the right and then it’s just a matter of are you going to address it or not,” she said. “But there was no way that I could not address the fact that she was so concerned about sexual assaults in D.C. and I’m sure she probably will be front and center as one of the biggest supporters of Trump who obviously had recently just been found guilty of sexual assault.

“So if you wanna keep the streets of D.C. safe from sexual assaulters, we can start with your wannabe president.”

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