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Peter Navarro’s Rebel Yell Against Fox News

Vociferous Trump acolyte Peter Navarro vilified Fox News for supporting Ron DeSantis, telling Trump to go full metal jacket against media outlet.

Navarro lost in the Federal Court of Appeals and had to return hundreds of documents to the National Archives. (If only Trump had done the same, he would be in less hot water than he is.)

Navarro plays a MAGA clown like no one else does as he attacked Rupert Murdoch on Bannon’s Sedition podcast.

DeSantis is now backed by the second most hated person in MAGA.

Who is that?

That’s Rupert Murdoch.

When Murdoch comes out, Steve, and says, I’m devoting Fox News and the New York Post to getting DeSantis elected, what does that say about the integrity of so-called journalism, number one?

And what does that tell you about the current state of Fox News?

I’ve urged the boss repeatedly in that piece and elsewhere, he’s got to go full metal jacket on Fox News right now.

He can’t be screwing around with those people.

He’s got to take them down.

He’s got to lift up the other conservative media.

He’s got to take that down.

It’s like Hannity, you know, Sean’s a great guy, but no, he’s on that team now.

Laura Ingraham, I mean, she left the reservation months ago.

It’s like there’s nobody there left with any cojones that’s going to stand up.

And this is where we are.

DeSantis thinks he’s going to get away with this crap.

Unless a person or media outlet gives their 100% in support of Trump over all living and non-living things, you must be hated and destroyed.

True fascism at its core.