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Newsmax Panel Off The Rails: ‘You Sound Like A Democrat’

In a quick short segment, Newsmax gives us a look into the window of the upcoming primary fight between Traitor Trump and Meatball Ron.

Karoline Leavitt, spokeswoman for MAGA PAC, debated Newsweek senior editor-at-large Josh Hammer, during Thursday’s “John Bachman Now” program.

Leavitt: DeSantis has botched campaign announcement proves that he and his team are not ready for prime time. He proposes a national federal sales tax. He voted to cut Social Security. He has no plan to end the war in Ukraine.

Leavitt: President Trump cut taxes, secure the border, reinvested in our economy. He is the day-one leader that America needs.

Newsmax host: Josh, just to wrap it up, he’s going to Iowa.

Hammer: He’s got time. Look, I mean, Caroline has her talking points, and that’s cute and everything.

Leavitt (interrupting): They’re the truth. My talking points are truth.

Hammer: But the reality here is that Republican primary voters are ready for a winner. They are sick of losing. They are sick of re-litigating an election from two and a half years ago. They are sick of Stormy Daniels and all of the crap. This country is going to hell in a handbasket.

Leavitt (interrupting again): You sound like a Democrat!

Hammer: It’s time to put policy on the agenda and to start winning.

Leavitt: You’re reciting your Democrat talking points. My talking points are truth, and the polls prove it.

Two fascist candidates battling it out.

If there was more time in the segment, I’m sure both surrogates would have called each other child groomers and pro-pedophilia devils.