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Jim Jordan’s Next Failed Stunt Is To Have John Durham Testify

House Judiciary Committee Republicans announced that John Durham will bring his failed investigation to Congress to try to help Rep. Jim Jordan.

Rep. Troy Nehls tweeted:

Accountability is definitely not coming because Durham’s report didn’t find anything. Under Jim Jordan’s leadership, House Republicans are flailing and failing so badly that they are making it easy for Democrats at these hearings.

Judiciary Committee Democrats have many questions for Durham that they want answers to. For example, what kind of evidence of criminality did Durham and Barr find against Trump in Europe? If so many crimes were committed, why weren’t more people indicted? Where is your evidence that the FBI did anything wrong by investigating Trump?

Durham’s Judiciary Committee testimony will be the last gasp of public relevancy for this debacle before it is forgotten by history.

Judiciary Committee Chair Jordan keeps finding more and new ways to fail.

John Durham isn’t his ticket to getting Trump deep state conspiracies elevated into mainstream political discourse. Jordan appears to be on the verge of giving up his investigative quest, as he has turned his attention to using the budget process to attempt to defund the FBI. 

John Durham failed. Jim Jordan is failing. By putting these two failures together, Republicans are setting the stage for a spectacular faceplant for the nation to see.