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An Out Of It Donald Trump Jr. Trashes His Dad During Podcast

Donald Trump Jr. was apparently trying to criticize Ron DeSantis but instead slammed his dad.


Trump Jr. said, “Trump has the charisma of a mortician and the energy that makes Jeb Bush look like an Olympian. The policies of a DC swamp rat, because we’ve seen the flip flops.”

Either somebody was messing with Don Jr.’s teleprompter, son of Trump had a Freudian slip, or there are some other issues going on with Donald Trump Jr.

It could be that DeSantis has so thoroughly copied his father that even Donald Trump Jr. can’t tell the difference between the two candidates.

Trump Jr.’s gaffe reveals that the Trump attack playbook and insults are a paint-by-numbers MadLibs sort of formula now. The names change, but the insults remain the same. Blah, blah low charisma, blah blah, low energy, something, something swamp.

It is so predictable and stale. It is also apparently so boring that Donald Trump Jr. is mailing it in and trashing his father without the slightest clue about what he saying.

The expiration date on the Trump show passed years ago, but because the Trump family has a death grip on the Republican Party rank and file, it will not go away.

If the other Republican candidates running in the presidential primary weren’t such cowards, they would already be using Donald Trump Jr.’s gaffe in new ads.