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Ronna Admits Debt Default Is To Help GOP Win

And here is where the RNC chairwoman flat-out admits that her party is destroying the economy for political gain.

Fresh off the heels of Matt Gaetz calling the president a GOP hostage (I mean, really, intelligence is not Rapey McForehead’s strong suit) we’ve got Ronna telling Martha MacCallum on Fox that defaulting on the financial obligations of the United States of America is fine because it benefits the Republican presidential field.

The vast majority of Americans (lie) feel like we’re not heading in the right track. (in?) And then you look at this debt ceiling crisis. You look at us about to default, and you see that president took 90 days out from negotiating. (lie) He refused to come to the table with Republicans. (lie) Republicans have put a plan on the table (cutting veteran’s benefits?) and this is an MIA president when it comes to problems that the American people are facing – (lie) whether it’s energy independence, (lie) whether it’s fentanyl, (omg Halloween fentanyl where are you?) whether it’s a broken border, (c’mon Ronna) whether it’s crime surging in our streets. (No one on Fox is going to ask for a fact check on any of this which is why you’re on that network, and we all know it, Ronna.)

This is a president (Trump?) that is failing the American people. (Jack Smith on the phone, Ronna) So I think that bodes very well for the Republican field.

Aaaaand she gives the game away.

Your frontrunner is at 39 indictments so far, Madam Chair, and the runner-up crapped his pants on Twitter yesterday. Do go on.