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Matt Schlapp Might Be Killing The Organization Behind CPAC

Matt Schlapp was described as a cancer in a letter of resignation from the treasurer of the organization behind CPAC, as tales of mismanagement of money and people are emerging.

The Washington Post reported:

The Post reported in February that more than half of the organization’s staff has left since 2021. Beauprez said Schlapp established a pattern of maligning people who leave, even when he was responsible for hiring and promoting them. Several staff members were driven to therapy and medication in a stressed-out workplace with “major deficiencies” in management, Beauprez said.

One employee became so distressed that she left a group dinner and was found by co-workers wandering aimlessly in the streets, according to the letter. Multiple people who were present for that incident confirmed the account to The Post.


Beauprez’s letter also detailed several instances in which he alleged that the organization failed to follow its bylaws. Specifically, he said, the board’s executive committee approved Schlapp’s salary but neither the committee nor the board ever saw a formal contract, as required by the bylaws. Schlapp, whose chairman position is traditionally unpaid, started receiving annual compensation of $600,000 in mid-2022 as his lobbying income declined, according to public records and people familiar with the organization’s finances.

If the stories of financial mismanagement and poor treatment of people sound familiar, they should. The American Conservatives Union under Schlapp sounds a lot like the NRA under Wayne LaPierre. 

It turns out that when conservatives talk about draining the swamp what they really mean is lining their own pockets with donor money. Schlapp is facing a battery lawsuit for his alleged sexual assault of a  Herschel Walker campaign staffer where he touched him sexually in an unwanted manner.

Trumpism is corruption, and the ACU better get rid of Schlapp or face potential extinction.