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Joy Reid Destroyed What’s Left Of DeSantis’ Presidential Campaign Launch

“The prickly Florida governor, with a penchant for scooping up pudding into his mouth with his fingers, kicked off his 2024 presidential campaign in a two-man convention with Twitter troll-in-chief Elon Musk,” Reid began.

“Nothing like a presidential announcement featuring the two most socially awkward men in American public life on a part of Twitter barely anyone knows about or uses,” Reid continued. Then she dryly noted that “things didn’t go according to plan.” The launch “melted down” in technical problems because Musk’s Twitter apparently couldn’t handle the surge in traffic.

“Karma really is a thing, isn’t it?” Reid added. “After several minutes of awkward silence, throat clearing, palpable confusion, hosts and including DeSantis disappearing, we got the glitchy audio-only announcement from DeSantis to about one third of the original audience that he is indeed running for president.”

But wait, there’s more. Reid also played an ad by a pro-Trump super PAC that brutally mocked DeSantis for eating pudding with his fingers. She followed by noting that his fingers are not just disgusting from pudding but because he “literally wiped his nose and wiped snot on somebody’s shirt.”

“Don’t shake his hand because you’re gonna get pudding or spit on it or you’re gonna get snot on it,” Reid warned.

Guest David Jolly, a former Republican congressman from Florida, ripped DeSantis a new one. “This is the biggest day in the political life of Ron and Casey DeSantis and it has become absolutely humiliating, rawly embarrassing, emasculating, mortifying, choose your word, this has been a disaster,” he said.

Jolly also called the disaster “very telling” because it highlights how DeSantis is “Governor SafeSpace,” meaning he can’t handle being before the public unless he’s in a carefully orchestrated bubble. And this orchestrated bubble was a complete mess. Sad!

But Jolly also pointed out that by launching his campaign with extremist Musk, it highlighted DeSantis’ dangerous ideology. “It brings to the forefront these themes that are the Christian white nationalist themes that bring up his culture war and his marginalizing of already-marginalized communities in the state of Florida – a disaster for Ron DeSantis today,” Jolly said.