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Tina Turner’s Impact Goes Far Beyond Music

Tina Turner passed away at age 83, and while she is known the world over for her music, it is her strength and belief in her own power that goes beyond the songs she sang.

Rev. Al Sharpton discussed Turner’s impact on empowering other artists on MSNBC:

Sharpton said:

She was a trendsetter. That lasted over a half-century. How many people do we hear last two or three years that we think they’re good. She lasted 60 years, never stopped, despite personal challenges, despite all kinds of controversies that would come up, she just kept doing it, and on top of that, ran a business. She controlled what she wanted to do, what she was involved in, what she would not be involved in, musically and otherwise.

As you know, I was close, had a father-son relationship with James Brown, and James Brown would always talk about how Tina Turner was in charge of herself. She was admired by other artists. Michael Jackson talking to me about it. She became a template, a real example for other artists, how to protect their artistry, as well as their business. And on top of that, she never stopped entertaining the public.

Before there was Beyonce, there was Tina Turner. Very few people in the world have inspired as much duplication, impression, and emulation as Tina Turner, who came from nothing, survived and thrived in spite of sexism, and abuse, and built her own empire, while never letting anyone else define her.

As Turner once said, “Physical strength in a woman – that’s what I am.”

She was a role model for perseverance, toughness, and not letting anyone else control her destiny, and an icon that will not be forgotten.