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Ron DeSantis Is Being Roundly Mocked for ‘Failure to Launch’

The Republican Party is just really weird and uncomfortable now.

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis launched his campaign Wednesday night on a Twitter Space co-hosted by Elon Musk. Or rather, he tried to launch it. It failed to work during 20 minutes of almost no talking, come coughing, and repeated crashes.

The space started with 600,000 “listeners” (could be bots), but after all of the crashing, by the time DeSantis’ launch actually started, there were around 300,000 and it plunged down to 192,000 as the bros whined about the media and the elites and then laughed about various media outlets referring to them as Nazis. What campaign doesn’t want laughter over Nazis in its opening?

Jason Easley wrote in our substack, “Gov. DeSantis thought that he was going to be a disruptor by announcing on Twitter, but the technology broke and the event sounded like a low-quality Nazi bro podcast.”

DeSantis’ attempt to hide in an audio-only format given the meme-worthy results of his video campaign type appearances didn’t go well.

Ben Collins reported it devolved into a bunch of people just thanking Elon Musk and complaining about Twitter.

The reactions were fun, though:

Joe Biden’s non-POTUS account got in on the fun, tweeting:

The launch went about as well as anyone paying attention to Elon Musk’s poor management skills anticipated it would. Ron DeSantis might have thought he would look more human next to Elon, after all who wouldn’t, but instead he got eclipsed by Elon’s tech bro fan club at his own campaign launch.

Donald Trump reacted to this failure by mocking Ron DeSantis’ “Red Button” which is smaller than Trump’s, according to Kim Jong Un (do you really want to know?).

If this is really the best and brightest the Republican Party has to offer, 2023 is going to surpass 2015 in terms of the surreal depths to which we have plunged.