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Reporter Has Enough Of Kari Lake: ‘You’re Making Sh*t Up’

During a press conference in Arizona, 12News reporter Brahm Resnik called out Trump acolyte Kari Lake for making “shit up about COVID” and regarding her election fraud claims.

Lake called on Resnik and he said Lake’s legal team lost every court case and asked if she was going to stick with them. In typical Lake fashion she attacked the reporter.

“I know you love everything you just said,” she replied. “You think it’s… yeah, well, we’re working in a very corrupt system. And you can’t see it, I know that, you know.”

Resnik pushed back.

“Are your lawyers part of that corruption?”

Lake then attacked the 12News reporter by claiming during a previous encounter he was rooting for vaccines and kids to be masked up during the pandemic.

Resnick responded in kind.

“No, no, what I remember that day is you just making shit up,” Resnik said.

Lake’s supporters were horrified.

“No, I didn’t make anything up,” she replied.

Kari chided Resnik for cheerleading masks and vaccines.

In other words, Resnik acted like a normal person during a time when thousands of people were dying from COVID.

An election is only fair if she wins. Gotcha.

The only corruption is with Lake and her legal team.