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MTG spends $100K to put her lips where Kevin McCarthy’s lips have been

House Republicans held a conference meeting on Tuesday morning, ostensibly to discuss the debt ceiling that they’re using to hold the country in a state of economic crisis. But as reported by Olivia Beavers at Politico, it turned into a “15-minute fundraising auction for chapstick used by Speaker McCarthy.”

Beavers reports that at first only a few people bid, until House Speaker Kevin McCarthy added a promise he would “attend a dinner with donors/supporters for whoever wins,” along with the used ChapStick. What’s that worth, you think? $5? $10? A couple of Advil? Nope: The final bid was $100,000. For ChapStick and a chance to have Kevin McCarthy show up at a donor dinner. Who was the winning member? Yes: It was Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. Which makes sense since she owes her ability to terrorize the country via House committee seats to McCarthy.

As shown in an image that has since been released, the ChapStick is cherry-flavored. Is there a picture of Hello Kitty on it? Nope. It was a piece of swag from climate-denier Rep. Aaron Bean’s campaign. That touched the dry, cracked lips of Kevin McCarthy. [shiver]

The responses have been stunning (and stunned).

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