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‘Grand Appliance Party’: Dem Mocks GOP Over Gas Stove Hysteria

Democratic Rep. Jared Moskowitz spoke at the House Oversight and Accountability subcommittee hearing to examine an Energy Department proposal for regulating gas stoves. Then he proceeded to mock the right-wing hysteria over gas stoves.

The hearing was focused on the Biden administration’s regulatory actions on gas stoves and other common household appliances. Moskowitz mocked the pearl-clutching Republicans who are more focused on these regulations than they are on gun violence and other important issues.

“You know, and it’s warm, and you’re in the kitchen, and you stare into the knobs of your beautiful stainless steel beauty,” he said. “I get it. I get the bravado.”

“We can pry your gas stove from your cold dead hands or give me my gas stove or give me death,” the Florida Democrat continued. “You know, I have a six-burner double oven range that sits on legs. I mean, I miss her right now as we’re talking about it.”

“And so I think, because it’s a two-party system, I think when my colleagues across the aisle, the other parties show leadership, the leadership of our times that is desperately needed, Democrats like myself should commend them,” he said.

“And I want to apologize on behalf of the Democratic Party that we have decided to put kids’ safety in their neighborhoods from getting gunned down in movie theaters or grocery stores or school churches or synagogues,” he continued. “We as Democrats have clearly lost our way that we are not focused on appliances.”

“And so we’re finally seeing our friends across the aisle stand up for parents all across the country as they tuck their kid in at night, as they dress them for school in the morning, as they are worried that they may not come home,” he said.

“My friends across the aisle are telling those parents, you can breathe a sigh of relief that the Grand Appliance Party is going to make sure your gas stove goes nowhere,” he said. “You might own a small business, and you are worried about how you’re going to pay your employees if we default.”

“The good news for you today is that if you have to shut your business because the country defaults, your gas stove will still be there,” he added. “And so, you know, I look forward to the legislation of our time, the Appliance Bill of Rights that might come in front of this committee.”

He is so good at this. And I say that as a person that’s always wanted a gas stove.

H/T: @Acyn